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FileMaker Custom Development

FileMaker App專業客制開發 | 只要告訴我們需求,進行開發後相互確認每一個功能,最後輔助您上線。/

1.  購買了其他企業套裝軟體,或其他老舊不堪使用系統,甚至操作上非常難以使用、不能修改自己想要的功能、解決不了的問題等等,無法達成預期效果。

2. 已疲憊太多每天重複性,沒有系統化的工作,拖累您每次來回工作進度與時間,同時也有許多需求想要做,卻苦於找不著合適的公司幫您完成。

3. 您也許日理萬機無法專心全程自行開發,或是有種種因素考量,需要找專業值得信賴的廠商,來幫您實現所要的客制化系統。 ​


用對平台與正確方式很重要!利用 FileMaker 資料庫平台做出的企業應用,如下圖所示,人性化界面任何人打開就上手,非常適合在不同行業企業裡的各式資料庫 APP 應用,同時執行在多種平台 ( Mac / Windows /iPad /iPhone / 瀏覽器,註:Android 用戶請使用瀏覽器 ),讓您在複雜多變的商業環境裡,輕易執行您所的需求功能與任務。

專業問題由專業解決,您只需提供明確需求,其它由我們為您設計與開發。系統上線後,在不新增功能前提下,提供一年免費維護,系統保持運作正常;另外所有 FileMaker 全線產品提供 95 折優惠。讓您輕鬆上線,愉快使用。


FileMaker Custom Development

Do you want an application that features a user friendly interface, outstanding scalability and mobility and multi-platform usability? Do you want it ready-to-use without the need to read the manual?



Maybe you are dealing with a host of problems every day, or you may have a lot of reasons to get a reliable and specialized company to customize your requirements.

We can be your right choice. FileMaker platform is designed for any individual, unit or industry, as well as clients across multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android-based tablet and desktop browser). It makes your system adaptable to all kinds of changing business environments.

Let our experts solve your problems. Just specify your requirements, and we’ll do the rest for you, design and development. We provide 1-year free maintenance, and ensure the system running well with the adding of new features. You may get all FileMaker products with 5% off, and start to use with ease and pleasure.

Please fill out the form and tell us your needs. We’ll reply within 24 hours.
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