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FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced Overview

FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced Overview


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FileMaker Pro Advanced includes all of the features of FileMaker Pro (including supported languages, operating systems, connections, etc.). It enables you to share databases with no more than 5 persons. FileMaker Server is recommended for a group of 10 or more persons.

Differences from FileMaker Pro are shown as the image:

Differences from FileMaker Pro are shown as the image:

Compared with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced has the additional functions below(Text):

Enable AES 256 - bit encryption for database and server transmission

Script Debugger pinpoints problem areas and correct instantly

Custom Menus is available on iPad / iPhone

Show data value immediately and assist scripts in troubleshooting

Custom Functions can be reused in any database

Generate comprehensive reports on all elements of your database schema

Write your own API programs and use in FileMaker

Import multiple tables to other databases at once

Create Runtime solutions for individual use, without installing FileMaker

Copy and paste fields or tables directly

Build applications where all menus are hidden, suitable for POS or Login system

How to start
Now start your FileMaker experience from:

1. Trial download

2. Starter Solutions
Download the 30-day trial version and start to create your solutions with the Starter Solutions.

3. Tutorial trainings
We offer step-by-step trainings on how to design and develop with FileMaker. Take our 9-hour courses to get the key skills. Provided in three sessions.

4. Custom development
If you want to get a professional to customize your solutions, we are glad to help.

5. Software purchase:
You may also buy any FileMaker product from us. Please fill out the form below and get our reply within 24 hours.

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