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Privacy and Information Security Policy

Privacy and Information Security Policy

Privacy and Information Security

Privacy and Information Security Policy

Personal Information Security Protection Policy of JY Corp. Website ( https://EasyApps.Biz )

I. Privacy Protection Policy
JY Consulting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JY Corp.”) Website respects your privacy and provides practical, positive and beneficial information to the public. To understand how JY Corp. Website collects, uses and protects your personal information, you may read JY Corp. Website privacy and information security policy. It will help you understand our policy and principle on collecting, using and protecting your personal information when you are using the services provided by JY Corp. Website and its extended websites. 

1. Applicable Scope
Below privacy protection policy involves your personal information collection, use and protection when you access to JY Corp. Website and its extended websites (based on EasyApps.Biz domain name and hereinafter referred to as JY Corp. Website), but it doesn’t apply to other websites linked via JY Corp. Website. When you access to those websites, your personal information is protected by the privacy protection policy of those websites. 

2. Personal Information Collection
We collect personal information via: 
1) Online activity and questionnaire: When you take part in online/offline activity and questionnaire of JY Corp. Website, you may be asked to provide your name, phone number, email address and physical address, and some activities are only available to our registered members. You may participate in the lucky draw, competition and marketing activities hosted by other websites or organizations with the hyperlinks from JY Corp. Website’s advertisement channel. Those organizations or websites have their own privacy protection policy towards your personal information that doesn’t apply to JY Corp. Website’s privacy protection policy, so we don’t take any joint responsibility for such activities. 
2) General browse: JY Corp. Website keeps the related records (LOG) generated on server when you browse or query online, including IP address, service time, browser, as well as browsed and clicked data, etc. from the connected devices. JY Corp. Website shall mark some browsers in order to conclude the webpages browsed on  JY Corp. Website, however we shall not and cannot match these records to your personal information unless you are willing to inform us of your information. 
3) Others: In addition to logging on JY Corp. Website to provide your personal information on your own initiative, you are possible to provide your personal information such as email and name to JY Corp. Website. However, information provided in this way is not under the protection of JY Corp. Website’s privacy policy. In addition, if you email us with your feedback we shall also keep it as a record. 

II. Cookies Application and Policy
To provide personalized service, sometimes we may use Cookies technology for the storage and track of your data. Cookies is the brief data transferred from website to browser and stored on user’s computer hardware. You may change Cookies options such as “Accept all Cookies”, “Get notified when setting Cookies” and “Reject all Cookies” by selecting “Function Setting” - “Advanced” of Netscape or other browsers, or “Internet Options” - “Security” of IE browser. If you select “Reject all Cookies”, possibly you may not access to some personalized service or activities. 
In general, we shall write and read Cookies from your browsers for the purposes below: 
To provide better and more personalized services and for the convenience of your personalized interaction, Cookies shall be set up and modified upon your registration/logon and logoff. 
To count visitors number and analyze browse model, we shall figure out web browsing condition for a reference of service improvement.  

III. Personal Information Use
JY Corp. Website shall not sell, lease or exchange any of your personal information to or with other organizations or individuals. Only under below circumstances, JY Corp. Website shall use your personal information with the third party based on this policy and principle. 
Online activity and questionnaire: Interviewee’s name and mailbox collected by JY Corp. Website are only used for lucky draw; phone number, e-mail and address for a way informing interviewees of the result and analysis only. Other information is used for analysis and academic purpose only. Unless the interviewee agrees, JY Corp. Website shall use all data for analysis purpose only.
Statistics and analysis: JY Corp. Website conducts internal or authorized academic research on number, interests and behavior of users based on their registration, questionnaire, marketing activities and server logs. This research is conducted based on analysis of all visitors, and all our public information or reports are conducted based on analysis of all visitors’ behavior. We shall never provide any report on any individual.  

IV. Share and Publicity 
JY Corp. Website shall not sell, exchange or lease any of your personal information to other groups or individuals without your consent. Based on this policy, we shall share your personal information with a third party under below circumstances only. 
To provide you with other services or preferential benefits: when JY Corp. Website needs to share your information with a third party who provides the services or benefits, we shall explain in details and inform you of the use before collecting your information. You have the right to decide whether to accept or not. 
To provide value-added service, evaluate and do research: for the purpose to provide high-quality service right for you, JY Corp. Website shall compare the data of users with those of the third party in compliance with the NDA. In addition, for the purpose to introduce our services to our prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties as well as for other legitimate purposes, JY Corp. Website should disclose users’ data anonymously. 
Others: JY Corp. Website has the obligation to protect your privacy and personal information. We shall not modify, remove or distribute any (or part) of your personal data or profile unless your prior consent or below circumstances: 
Judicial Inspection Organization of the Republic of China retrieves via legitimate process.
It violates the related rules of the Website and puts stress on us.
We protect the legitimate rights of other visitors.    

V. Information Security Protection 
Considering the Internet transmission is not 100% safe, JY Corp. Website endeavors to protect the security of your information and data transmission by the aid of the industrial standard SSL security system. Since data transmission relates to your network environment, we cannot guarantee the security in sending or receiving data to or from JY Corp. Website. You should be aware of and bear the risk in data transmission.

All kinds of personal data publicized on our Website of your own will, such as email address and your name, are possible to be collected and used by other organizations or individuals, so you are not required to enter such information. If you publicize such kind of information, you are possible to receive advertisements or mail spams from unexpected senders. You should understand this consequence is beyond JY Corp.’s control, and we assume no responsibility for it.  

VI. Revision on Privacy and Information Security Protection Policy
JY Corp. Website has the right to revise the policy at any time to keep it up to date. The website content is subject to change without prior notice. 

VII. Consultation on Privacy and Information Security Protection Policy 
If you have any questions about our privacy protection policy or collection, use and update of your personal information, please email to s@EasyApps.Biz (case-insensitive). 

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