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FileMaker Corporate training

Corporate training


FileMaker Courses
Different from One on One, corporate training has no limit on learners number. Also, we shall go to your corporates to give the courses (Overseas learners please email us for separate arrangement). 

Details about this training option: 
- We recommend you go through FileMaker brief in advance; 
- It takes 9 hours in 3 sessions, 3 hours each session;
- The syllabus is the same as One on One. You may tell us the contents you want to learn beyond the syllabus, so that - we shall make corresponding adjustments on the courses;
- If you have any questions please email us in advance, so that the lecturers shall demonstrate and explain on site.

Learners’ benefits
All learners get the benefits below: 
1. Get an account for learners zone, and reply for any of your questions within 24 hours. Currently no time limit on account login. (To guarantee your rights and valid maintenance, you should not allow anyone else to login with your account. Once discovered, your account will be disabled.)
2. Buy any of the FileMaker products with 5% off. 

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