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2019 唯一公開課程,額滿為止1 一天16塊全年做維護2 一站式服務3 由團隊總監親自操刀4

Why use a custom app?

Business managers, developers, and IT professionals, just like you, use custom apps to streamline operations and to instantly boost productivity.

Reduction in inefficient tasks

Increase in team productivity

Reduction in data entry

Source: State of the Custom App Report 2018: A survey of how businesses are using and benefiting from custom apps. FileMaker, Inc.

State of the Custom App Report 2018

Global Fortune 500 Companies use the FileMaker Platform.

Businesses of all types use the FileMaker Platform because it’s the easiest and most affordable way to create a custom app that solves your everyday challenges.

FileMaker customers:

Toyota Motor, Berkshire Hathaway, Honda Motor,Costco, Panasonic, Nissan Motor, Chevron,BMW Group, Home Depot, Wells Fargo,Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Hitachi, Citigroup,Fujitsu, Deutsche Telekom, Comcast,Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo,UPS, Intel, FedEx, Cisco Systems, HP,Christian Dior, Coca-Cola, American Airlines Group,Merck, Delta Air Lines, and many more.

Business solutions

Provide solutions for industries such as services, manufacturing, finance, human resources and more, also including ERP and CRM. Available for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Web.

FileMaker software sales

A FileMaker-certified distributor with practical experiences for years. Provide SMEs with a full suite of consultative services before and after sales.

Custom development

Based on your needs, we’ll customize the features suit you. Provide 1-year maintenance with the system.

APP development

Want to deploy your applications on mobile devices? We are also good at APP development on mobile phones and tablets, enabling both iOS and Android. Your customers may download them from APP store directly.

Tutorial courses

As an instructor with over 10 years’ experience, we emphasize on creating personalized features in the most flexible and easiest way. Our step-by-step courses help you take advantage of the full functionality of the FileMaker Platform and meanwhile improve your development skills.


Provide permanent consultation before and after sales. We are glad to help you at any time.

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