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FileMaker Go 是免費 App ,可以從 App Store 搜尋「 FileMaker Go」下載,或點下圖按鈕直接帶您到 App Store 頁面。
註:在 FileMaker Go 裡所有的 App,您都可以使用 FileMaker Pro Advanced 軟體(需購買)設計出來,製作後可以放在 iPad / iPhone (iOS) 單機使用或放到多人連線的 FileMaker Server 做跨平台使用。


FileMaker Go download on the App Store


FileMaker Go 

FileMaker Go is a free App specially for business people who use iPad or iPhone. Download from App Store at any time and then start to use. There are four App samples included, namely content management, invoices, contacts and assets. 

Design your own App 
Design your database applications with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced on desktop (Mac or Windows) and then transfer the files to FileMaker Go clients. You may design your applications for the purposes such as account management, quotation and inventory query, etc.    

Environment support
iPad, iPhone or iPod touch required.
iOS 8.1 or above.

Supported languages
Worldwide English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese.

How to connect
Single machine - Available to use on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without network connection
Concurrent connection - Enable multiple users to connect from iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to FileMaker Server. Up to 100 connections on server side at one time.

Concurrent connections are not required when sharing your solution with up to 5 other people using FileMaker Pro
14. Concurrent connections for FileMaker Server 14 can be purchased in groups of 5, up to 100 connections.

Who can use
Business application is applicable to all personnel of the industry, no developer or programmer required. 

FileMaker Go 14 Demo

What’s new in FileMaker Go 14
- iOS-style interface: Designed by inheriting the style of iOS 8.1 for a consistent user experience.
- Launch Center: Use attractive pre-designed icons to represent your solutions. Or even add custom icons. Visually organize all your solutions in one place. 
- Bar code scanner: Available since FileMaker Go 13. The new version improves the scanning efficiency, no program coding required.
- Styled text: Built-in on device. Choose the size, color, and font of your text, including bold, underline, italics and more rich text options.
- Set screen orientation (portrait/landscape) - Customize the orientation of you layout for users, in portrait or landscape view. 
- Enhanced signature capture: In addition to signature, you may add title, description text, and more under the signature line. 
- Video and audio playback control: Set video/audio playback state with button or script, such as play, pause, resume or play from the starting to stopping point.   
- Hide/display touch keyboards: Control whether or not the keyboard appears. 
- Vertical scroll bar: Appear only when scrolling through long texts.

FileMaker Go download on the App Store

If you have any other questions please contact us. 

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