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Terms of use

Terms of use

Statement on Terms of Use


本使用條款之內容 (下稱 "使用條款") 適用於 正洋資訊有限公司 位於 EasyApps.Biz 的網站(下稱 “本網站“或此網站),及其授權使用人之財產。藉由使用本網站,將視為您已同意本使用條款之內容; 如果您不同意,請勿使用此本網站。

Contents of Website and Terms of Use Agreement

This Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”) applies to the contents of EasyApps.BIZ website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) of JY Consulting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JY Corp.”) and the properties of organizations and individuals authorized to use the Website. By using the Website, you certify that you accept the contents of the Terms. If you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website. 

JY Corp. reserves the rights to change, modify, add or delete any contents of the Terms in its sole discretion at any time. You are obliged to check the changes on the Terms on a regular basis. By keep using the Website even when some of the Terms are changed, you certify that you accept the changes. So long as you adhere to the Terms, you shall be authorized by JY Corp. to access and use the Website with personalized, nonexclusive, nontransferable and limited rights. 

Except part of the contents referenced from FileMaker, Inc. or the third party company, any contents independently customized by the Website, including the texts, charts, UIs, visible interfaces, images, trademarks, labels, audios, musics, works of art and computer codes (collectively referred to as “the Website contents”), are owned, controlled and authorized by JY Corp., as well as protected by business image law, copyright law, patent law, trademark law, fair trade law and all sorts of IPRs.

Any repost of the Website address is required to specify the source. Without JY Corp.’s prior written approval, you may not duplicate, reproduce, reprint, upload, post, demonstrate, encode, translate, transfer or distribute any part of the Website contents to any other computers, servers or websites, or for the use of any publication medias or commercial organizations. 

Any images and literal contents used on the Website, including the softwares, programs, copyrights and literary properties are owned by the Website. Without the legal permission of the Website or any other authorized representatives, you may not, in any forms, duplicate, change, edit, publicize or publish the Website contents, use it for reverse engineering or infringe the legal interests of any IPR holders. 

Legitimate Use for Non-Profit Purposes
Any contents of copyright can be used for non-profit or public welfare purposes with the prior written approval of the Website. Post of contents contributed by any other copyright owners is required to get approval from the owner.

Links to Other Websites and JY Corp.’s Website 
The Website is allowed to be linked to other independent third party representatives’ websites (“Linked Websites”) for the convenience of users. Linked Websites are not controlled by JY Corp., and do not impose any duty on JY Corp. to endorse or claim responsibilities for the contents and information. The Linked Websites or the legal authorized representatives of the Linked Websites have the related rights to interaction, and the Website is under no obligation to guarantee the correctness, immediacy or integrity of these websites. You should exercise independent judgement at your sole discretion.

Your use of the Website
You are not allowed to enter, access, duplicate or monitor the Website or any part of the Website by using any other automatic devices, programs, calculations, approaches or any similar or same manual programs; or in any circumstances, duplicate or evade browsing architecture, as well as the Website and its contents, or acquire or attempt to acquire any data, files or information by any means disallowed by the Website. JY Corp. reserves the right to forbid such behaviors. Any unauthorized access through testing password and other illegal methods to the followings is forbidden: any parts or interfaces of the Website, any systems or network connected to the server of JY Corp., or any services offered via the Website.  

You are not allowed to detect, scan or test the weakness of the Website and the Linked Websites, or destroy the security and authentication measures of the Website and the Linked Websites. You may not query, track or search any other users or visitors of the Website, or other visitors of JY Corp., including any sources of the accounts of JY Corp. that are not of your ownership; or explore the Website or the services and information provided by the Website by using others’ personal data including but not limited to their identification information.     

 You agree not to, by any means, upload any irrational or disproportionately large quantity of data to the Website or the systems and network of JY Corp., or any network and systems connected to JY Corp. 

You agree not to use any devices, softwares or programs to interfere or attempt to interfere in the Website, any normal transactional functions on the Website, or others’ use of the Website. 

You may not counterfeit any identification information or manipulate any identification functions; or counterfeit any information and contents you provide to JY Corp. or any services you offer through the Website. You don’t have the rights to impersonate, represent or simulate other individuals or groups.

You may not use the Website and its contents for the purposes that are prohibited or regarded as illegal by the Terms; or organize any events that are illegal or infringe the rights of JY Corp. and other people. 

The Website contents are subject to change without notice. 

Copyright © 2006-2019 JY Corp. All rights reserved. FileMaker logo or icon is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.